The Pirate Bay UK - PC Setup Guide

Step 1. Download and configure uTorrent.

Download and install uTorrent. Once installed, run uTorrent, open Options->Preferences and complete the following operations:

  1. Select 'UI Settings' on the left hand side of the window. Under 'When Adding Torrents' ensure the box labelled 'Show options to change the name and location of the torrent data' is UN-checked.
  2. Select 'Connection' on the left hand side of the window, make a note of the number listed on the right-hand side under 'Port used for incoming connections'.
  3. Click 'Advanced' in the left-hand panel. Scroll to the bottom. Ensure 'webui.allow_pairing' is set to 'true', 'webui.proxy_auth' is set to 'true' and 'webui.token_auth' is set to 'false'
  4. Click the small + next to 'Advanced' on the left side of the window to expand, then select 'Web UI'. On the right-hand side, check the bax labeled 'Enable Web UI'. Then, under 'Authentication', enter a username and a password of your choice. Make of note of these as well.
  5. Click 'Apply', then 'OK'.

Step 2. Install and configure xampp

Download and Install xampp. (Visit the Xampp homepage here). Once Installed go to: Start->All Programs->Apache Friends->XAMPP->XAMPP Control Panel. Then complete the following operations:

  1. Under the 'Modules' heading, find 'Apache', then click the red cross in the 'Service' column. Then click 'yes'.
  2. Repeat the previous instruction for 'MySQL' to install that as a service as well.

Only users of the full version of the Pirate Bay app need to complete this step. Users of the free version can continue to Step 3.

Sign Up here for your Pirate Bay UK account Once your signup is complete, Use the login form at the top of the page to log in. Once you have logged in, you will see your unique 6 character ID. Make a note of this.

Warning! Please ensure your have completed steps 1 and 2 before moving on to step 3.

Step 3. Download the Pirate Bay desktop application.

Download and install The Pirate Bay. Once installed, go to Start->All Programs->TPB->TPBSettings.exe. Input the details thay you have noted down in steps 1 and 2 into the specified areas (also, if you own the full version of the app, enter your Pirate Bay UK ID). Click Save.

Note: at this point you should reboot your PC. Once you have logged back in to windows, you should see the skull and crossbones logo in the taskbar at the bottom-right of your screen.

Step 4. Update your app settings

Launch The Pirate Bay app on your Android device. Open 'Settings' from the main menu. Under WiFi add the local IP address of your PC (If you do not know how to find this, use this guide). Then, for users of the full version, under 3G enter your unique Pirate Bay UK ID. If you do not remember your ID, simply log back in with the form at the top of the page. Your ID will be shown to you upon successful login.


You are all set up and ready to start downloading. If you are having trouble connecting to your PC from the app, head over to our troubleshooting guide. Don't forget to review the app on google play and hit the like button below.